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Software platform for presentations by manager to clients. It consists of server and client parts. LumiShow Server Web-application that allows managing presentations, creating a profile of presentation, save files with presentations and updating them by creating new versions, and keep statistics and repository of internal files. Basic features: Download files with presentations and updating it …

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FUTMAutobuyer is a desktop application that integrates with EA sports web app. It is the most powerful tools to dominate Fifa Ultimate Team. You can use the secret as answer to “How to have the best teams?” “How to get Fifa or Ultimate team coins?”, “How to win all the matches? ”. You’ve here the …

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Cash for Dreams

Cash for Dreams is the system for control personal expenses. The application is easy to use, so it will be easy for both beginners and for experienced users. Customers can to enter your expenses into sections. The program also illustrate a graphical analytics data. In the resulting graph customers can see the results of its …

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E.S.O Financial

E.S.O. is a desktop solution that was created for owners of small and medium business. Service offers the financial solutions for European companies. The main idea of the website is the accumulation of funds from E.S.O.’s partners to companies that are seeking financial assets to realize their ideas. Resource E.S.O. has been designed for 2 …

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