Xamarin Market introduction has made job easier for developers. The framework’s become unique and convenient tool for cross platforms building mobile applications for iOS, Android, Windows Phone using the language C#.

Demand for software development for mobile devices using the framework is growing. Experts ArtBrains Software offers to create mobile applications with Xamarin. This will significantly reduce project development time and help cover a large segment of mobile products.

Benefits Xamarin:

— Support of major mobile platforms and services (full access to the SDK platform);

— Xamarin cooperation with Microsoft provides its high-performance functionality and access to proven libraries, which constantly improves the company Microsoft;

— Creating applications for iOS, Android, Windows Phone, which look good on different platforms and is productive.

— Using of the programming language C#, with all its advantages and powerful development environments;

— Ability to write code once for all platforms.

Development on Xamarin saves the customer’s time to create mobile applications. However, the business logic of the program, and sometimes entire interface immediately, is written under several platforms. There is no need to rewrite the same logic in different programming languages for different platforms.